Knitting and waiting, in the meantime

Today, after I visit an “end of summer yarn sale” at my LYS, I’ll be heading to the hospital. My 82 y.o. mother fell this week for the second time in 9 months. Luckily, she didn’t break any bones or hurt herself in any serious way. She’s weak, though, and her arthritis is causing her to suffer, so getting her pain under control has been a priority. This afternoon, if all goes to plan, we’ll be moving her to a skilled care/rehab facility.  After that, she’ll want to return home, and we’ll have to see if that’s feasible.

Times like these are when knitting and spinning give me comfort and focus. I’ve had my knitting with me, as well as my little drop spindle with the beautiful green fiber, (BFL if you must know.)  Without something to do while we’ve waited for everything, (and there’s a lot of waiting in a hospital visit) I’d get more worried and it would seem like an eternity. Instead, I can focus on my handwork and calm my mind. Decidedly, this keeps me from acting like a lunatic when something doesn’t go well. I’m sure the staff would kiss my yarn, if only they  knew!

Too bad the hospital had to close the yarn shop when the economy tanked. With what the nursing  staff does day in and day out, and all the cranky people they help, I should teach them how to knit or spin on their breaks!

So for now, that’s it from me. I’m off to score some sale yarn, load up some endorphins, and make that move with Mom. Wish me luck!

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