On my needles, the Farwell Jacket

I’ve let my travels and travails separate me from this page for too long! As a teaser, here’s what’s on my needles right now. Due to the touch of the return key at an inopportune time, you might get this image twice. Apologies for the techno-fumble to all.
Farwell Jacket

Work-in-progress (in the knitting realm a WIP) #1 is the Farwell Jacket in Kauni yarn.

I started this about a year ago.  I’m pretty sure I was in a post workshop stupor after a weekend with Michael Cook learning the ins and outs of silk reeling when I saw this pattern at the Trading Post for Fiber. I grabbed yarn and needles, cast on for gauge swatch, got gauge, and merrily cast on the back of the sweater. Five hour drive home seemed perfect, and the Danish wool warm and colorful. Pottery work and shows, Christmas and a nasty winter illness slowed progress. Knit it until an early spring heat wave halted the action due to sweaty hands felting the WIP! Now cool days return. I took it on my road trip to NY SHEEP & WOOL. Looked at it with fresh eyes and started wondering…wondering how it would fit. The pattern says since the pieces are knit from side to side, the size is easily adjusted.

I stopped. I held up one of the front panels to my body. The stockinette stitch edge rolled like crazy. Looked like the front was about five inches wide. All the blocking in the world wasn’t going to make this fit me. No way, no how!

Adjustments are being made. I have undone the cast off edge of one front, and have added some width. And I have changed the stitch pattern on the edge to calm the rolling. (Sorry designer.) I will call it Farwell Jacket with modifications. Unless I change my mind. If I don’t like how it looks, I can unravel (the edge, not me–I hope!) and re-knit. I’m so glad I love this yarn! Long color repeats in beautiful shades of the red family!

View of three balls of yarn. Shades of red to bright pink in each ball

So beautiful and fun to see the long color changes.

I must adjust and persist to prevail. I know I’m going to love this sweater when I’m done! Til then, the blustery wind from the Super storm will be the inspiration and motivator! Stay tuned for updates. Stay warm all, and happy, cozy knitting!

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